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America's BEST small towns. Montgomery County Historic CourthouseWelcome to Central Illinois. Where town & country meet. Located near everything you could ever desire.

Montgomery County Illinois is an IDEAL place to relocate/ move for those retirement aged or for families looking for the safety and sustainable quality of life that small rural towns have to offer. Move to a close-knit community of friendly neighbors who really care about you!

Peace and quiet will not come looking for you, but you can go looking for it and find it in Montgomery County.

All roads lead to Montgomery County Illinois and it's where town and country meet. The best of both worlds can be found in beautiful Central Illinois, where people are friendly, the air is fresh, the traffic is less and the quality of life is good.

The most important things are good health and safe and affordable place to live. After all, it's not the quantity of life, but the quality of it

Enjoy the freedom that only rural living can provide. Be FREE of living in an isolated box, vulnerable to social pressures, with neighbors who you don't even know. Buy rural property and move to Montgomery County Illinois and you will never look back!

You CAN AFFORD to make the move and free yourself from the rat race. Make a move to a more sustainable life that offers safety and security for you and your family. Real estate prices are VERY RESONABLE here in Montgomery County Illinois. You won't believe the beautiful homes or property you can purchase for a FRACTION of what it cost to buy a starter home in most cities! Our real estate market is also less susceptible to the big boom and bust cycles and remains fairly consistent.

Natural beauty abounds! We have peaceful lakes for lakefront living, kayaking, or fishing. Central Illinois also has many wildlife sanctuaries for hiking and nature watching and a multitude of parks and recreation areas for picnicking and enjoying God's green earth. Plus beautiful vistas await you everywhere you look! Clean air and uncongested streets and neighborhoods. Overpopulation and the dirty and noisy congestion of the city are far removed!

We also have numerous sport complexes and a state of the art fitness facility with indoor pool and walking track, weight training, and personal trainers. The area also host one of the largest bike road races, so it is the ideal location for cyclist.

Once you come, you'll want to stay! You won't feel alone for long once you move to Montgomery County Illinois! The neighbors are friendly and there are lots of social opportunities to make friends such as: Rotary, Lions & Lioness, Sororities, Kiwanis, Moose, VFW, American Legion, Masons, Knights of Columbus, PTA, Chamber of Commerce and many other civic organizations.

Plus lots of activities for your kids such as: Boys & Girls Scouts, 4-H, Gymnastics, Dance, church groups, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Bowling, and SO MUCH MORE!

Spiritual life runs deep in Montgomery County Illinois! We have many churches of diverse denominations. There seems to be a church on just about every corner in our small towns and the parishes are active and community focused. The county also has two private parochial schools.

Afraid that we are too far out "in the sticks"? NOT SO! We are within easy reach of everything you want. Local hospitals, highways and quick access to Interstates, shopping centers, theaters and excellent schools. Just an hour's drive from three large cities, with nationally recognized hospitals and sports teams.

"It's not the quantity of life but
the quality of it."

So, discover Montgomery County, its great qualities and people with good values and a new way of life that's waiting to be discovered by you.

Contact us today to make your dream of the quiet life come true.


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